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Aug 19, 2016

NICK STEIN was flying high as the executive producer of Border Wars for the National Geographic Channel. It was the most exciting television series he’d ever been in charge of. But then Fox Cable Networks took over Nat Geo, leading Nick to the greatest existential crisis of his life. (36:36)





FROM BORDER TO BUDDHA with NICK STEIN is the pilot episode of PIERSON TO PERSON. Nick is fearlessly candid in our conversation about the personal and professional struggles that led to his journey to mindfulness.

In a world of increasing distractions, what Nick says about being more aware and present in our daily lives really resonates with listeners. Some have reached out and told me that hearing about Nick's life-saving experience with meditation has inspired them to try it for the first time -- or to try it again after previous attempts.

Since recording this episode, Nick has been certified as a Mindfulness Facilitator by the Engaged Mindfulness Institute in Massachusetts and has begun leading mindfulness workshops with companies and organizations throughout Southern California.

You can find out more about Nick's enlightening and interactive workshops by visiting his website:

Thank you so much, Nick, for being my first podcast guest!



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