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That's how I open each episode of my interview-style podcast. But it also seems like a fitting way to introduce myself and invite you to join me in my ongoing conversation with people I find intriguing, admire, respect, get a kick out of, really like or even love. Each and every one of my guests is a person that I want to get to know, or know better, and I believe you'll enjoy getting to know them, too.

Having worked as a producer of documentary and non-fiction television for 25 years, many of my guests are in the entertainment business. Others have nothing to do with show biz. And while I have known a number of these folks for years, some I've only recently met or don't know at all. But no matter who they are, what they do or how they ended up sitting across from me, I think you will find in each of these interviews something that surprises, enlightens, inspires or resonates with you in one way or another. I always do.

So I encourage you to scroll though and listen to an episode or two. If you like what you hear, by all means come on back. And whether you pop in now and again or become a regular listener, please know that you're always welcome here.