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Dec 25, 2016

ERIC WELCH has been delighting the birthday boys and girls of celebrity clients such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Larry King and Ben Affleck for the last 15 years. When it comes to throwing awesome children's birthday parties for LA's junior well-to-do, Eric's AMAZING KID COMPANY is in a class all by itself. (39:41)



Dec 4, 2016

ASHER HARTMAN is a transgender playwright, director and respected practitioner in LA's experimental theater scene. His provocative play The Silver, the Black, the Wicked Dance was commissioned by LACMA and explores alienation, violence and the pervasive feelings of shame, anxiety and fear in American culture.

Nov 13, 2016

MARGIE FRIEDMAN has produced hundreds of hours of non-fiction television and is now producing her own independent documentary films. Her film Conducting Hope profiles inmates at the Lansing Correctional Facility in Kansas who make up the only men's prison choir in the United States that performs outside prison walls. 

Oct 23, 2016

STEVE WILCOX is a Venezuelan born actor who had early success in American Me. It was rap icon Tupac Shakur's favorite movie and he sampled one of Steve's lines in Death Around the Corner. Working on the film was a watershed experience that still keeps Steve pursuing his dream 25 years later. (36:35) 




Oct 2, 2016

CYNTHIA JAMIN is a former sitcom actress who had recurring roles on Friends and Veronica's Closet as well as other NBC "Must See TV" shows. Cynthia now designs whimsical clothes for girls and the joy they bring to those who wear them helps ease the pain of her own abusive childhood. (43:09) EXPLICIT