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Sep 11, 2016

MATT LABOV is a veteran Hollywood publicist who specializes in representing A-list comedians. Matt's clients have included Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, Jack Black, Sasha Baron-Cohen, Jon Stewart and many others -- including Dave Chappelle, who he represented at the time of his very public disappearance. (40:08) EXPLICIT





When I decided to start my PIERSON TO PERSON podcast I made a list of several people I wanted to interview. MATT LABOV wasn't on it.

I hadn't seen or talked to Matt in over 25 years. But serendipity changed that when a friend and I were standing at the counter of Delicious Pizza (the "hip-hop pizza shop" in the West Adams district) and I heard someone say: "Brent Pierson?!?" I turned and didn't recognize the bearded guy standing behind me.

I quickly studied his face, but couldn't put a name to it. 'Do I know you?' "Yeah," he said. "It's Matt Labov." Big smile. Big hug. 'Matt, I'm doing a podcast ...'

THE FLACK is my 11th episode, and it's a fun one. Matt and I reminisce about our "talk show" high jinks in the ICM (talent agency) lunchroom back in the late 80s before talking about his extraordinary and unexpected career as one of Hollywood's top publicists.

Starting with then-unknowns Jon Stewart and Dave Chappelle, Matt has handled PR for some of the biggest names in comedy. But having funny celebrity clients doesn't mean his job is a laugh a minute.



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